Which therapy is indicated once diabetes  has been diagnosed depends primarily on the type of the disease. People with type 1 diabetes always need insulin therapy because of the general lack of insulin in their bodies. In contrast, people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes can often be treated for long periods of time, or even permanently, without medication and insulin – just through diet and exercise therapy.

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Blood glucose control: If the metabolism is well adjusted from disease onset on, patients can lead a nearly normal life... read more (in German)

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Patient education: People with diabetes are largely responsible for their own treatment. For this reason, it is important that they learn to manage the disease ... read more (in German)

Antidiabetic drugs and diabetes medications are used to treat type 2 diabetes when physical activity and a healthy diet alone are not enough to achieve weight loss and a reduction in blood glucose levels... read more (in German)

Insulin therapy: Since insulin requirements differ from person to person, insulin therapy is always tailored to the individual patient ... read more (in German)

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Insulin pump therapy: Today, a variety of programmable battery-powered insulin dosing devices are available, which make it possible to adjust the dosage to the changing requirements during the course of the day... read more (in German)

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In an emergency: In addition to diabetes complications, diabetes mellitus can lead to acute health conditions such as hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia... read more (in German)

Nutritional therapy: Meaningful nutritional therapy plays a decisive role, especially in type 2 diabetes. It is important to respond to the individual needs of patients ... read more (in German)

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Exercise and sport activities: Exercise and sport activities not only can improve the general state of health, but are also useful as targeted therapeutic measures ... read more (in German)

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Bariatric surgery: If the so-called conservative therapy options have been thoroughly exhausted, surgery may be an option for patients with extreme obesity... read more (in German)

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Transplantation: There are currently a number of approaches that try to maintain beta cell mass and function or replace destroyed beta cells... read more (in German)

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