Editorial Team

Helmholtz Zentrum München, Communication Department, Information Services

Editorial Office
Birgit Brandt (Graduate Biologist, Master in Health and Medical Management)
Dr. rer. nat. Denise Mackrodt (Master in Cell- and Molecularbiology, Editor)
Sabine Rieger (Graduate Ecotrophologist, Editor)
Ulrike Koller (Graduate Geographer, Head of Editorial Office)

PD Dr. med. Peter Achenbach (Doctor, Special Field experimental diabetology), Dr. med. Nadja Becker (Doctor), Birgit Brandt (Graduate Biologist, Master in Health and Medical Management), Dr. med. Michael Erbach (Doctor), Gerlinde Felix (Graduate Physicist, Science- and Medicine-Journalist), Hannelore Gießen (Journalist, Pharmacist), Sabine Rieger (Graduate Ecotrophologist), Andrea Grammig (M.A. Health-Care-Management), Dr. rer. nat. Hans H. Guldner (Graduate Biologist, Science- and Medicine-Editor), PD Dr. oec. troph. Sandra Hummel (Graduate Ecotrophologist, Special Field experimental diabetology), Prof. Dr. med. Hans Uwe Janka (Medical Specialist Internal Medicine, Diabetology, Endokrinology, Angiology), Ulrike Koller (Graduate Geographer), Claudia Pecher (M.A. german Philology), Dr. rer. nat. Maren Pflüger (Ecotrophologist), Prof. Dr. Oliver Schnell (Medical Specialist Internal Medicine, Diabetologist), Dr. rer. nat. Helge Siemens (Graduate Biologist), Dr. med. Katharina Warncke (Pediatrist, Diabetologist), Dr. rer. biol. hum. Christiane Winkler (nutritionist), Dr. Ulrike Viegener (Science- Journalist)

Scientific Advice
PD Dr. med. Peter Achenbach, Dr. med. Corinna Barz, Werner Bergheim, Dr. med. Martin Füchtenbusch, Dr. med. Minna Harsunen, Prof. Dr. med. Hans Ulrich Häring, Prof. Dr. Martin Hrabě de Angelis, Prof. Dr. med. Hans Hauner, Prof. Dr. Rolf Holle, Prof. Dr. med. Michael Hummel, Dr. med. Sandra Hummel, Prof. Dr. med. Hans Uwe Janka, Prof. Dr. med. Rüdiger Landgraf, Prof. Dr. Heiko Lickert, Prof. Dr. med. Hellmut Mehnert, Dr. med. Frank Merfort, Dr. Ramona Puff, Prof. Dr. med. Helmut Schatz, Prof. Dr. med. Oliver Schnell, Dr. Karin Schwarzenbacher, Prof. Dr. med. Jochen Seißler, Dr. Franz A. Straube, Dr. Barbara Thorand, Prof. Dr. Matthias Tschöp, Prof. Dr. med. Anette-Gabriele Ziegler

All texts without any identification by name were prepared by one or more members of the editorial team and subjected to an internally defined review process. The scientific consultants check the contents for correctness.


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