Rare Forms of Disease

If the doctor diagnoses a form of diabetes in a patient, it is usually either type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes or gestational diabetes. These are the most common forms of diabetes. However, there are also comparatively rare special forms. They have other causes, such as viral infections, genetic defects, a treatment with drugs, alcohol abuse, metabolic disorders or chronic inflammation of the pancreas.
These rare forms of diabetes are sometimes referred to as "type 3 diabetes", although this term is not officially recognized in Germany. The German Diabetes Society´s practice guideline "Definition, classification and diagnosis of diabetes mellitus (2017)" summarizes these rare forms in the group "Other specific types of diabetes“.



In a nutshell

The rare forms of diabetes have essentially the same  characteristics as the "classic" types of the disease.

They have essentially the same  characteristics as those known from the "classic" forms of diabetes : a permanently elevated blood glucose level, that can damage various organs and carries a risk of severe concomitant and secondary diseases. In the treatment of rare forms of diabetes, the elevated blood glucose levels are usually regulated, as in type 1 or type 2, by diet, by blood glucose-lowering drugs or by the administration of insulin .

Type 3 diabetes mellitus is divided into eight subgroups. This classification is essentially based on the potential  causes of the disease, although the relationships are often not yet understood in detail. Some of these forms are extremely rare, so epidemiological investigations are often not possible.



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