Obesity is a severe overweight condition. The widespread opinion that obesity can be attributed solely to a lack of self-discipline does not do justice to the complex problem. Various factors interact unfavorably in the development of overweight or obesity: Over-nutrition and lack of physical activity, but also genetic predisposition and psychological phenomena. Today, obesity is regarded by experts as an independent disease, and there is a consensus that severely overweight people must be treated by means of multiple long-term approaches.



THE LATEST FROM RESEARCH:  News, results from clinical studies and research laboratories, event announcements and ...more(in german)

BASIC INFORMATION: Obesity is a condition of severe overweight due to an excessive increase in body fat. This happens when, over longer periods of time, more food calories are ingested than the body can consume ...more(in german)

PREVALENCE: In recent decades the number of people with  excess weight or obesity in Germany – as well as in other affluent societies –has been steadily increasing  ...more (in german)

Risk factors: Various factors can play a role in the development of obesity: Lifestyle, genetic predisposition and psychological phenomena. The balance of these factors varies from case to case ...more (in german)

DIAGNOSIS: In the case of obesity, various diagnostic parameters must be explored : extent of overweight, fat distribution, metabolic status and the extent to which accompanying or secondary diseases are present. Psychological aspects should be considered as well ...more (in german)

THERAPY: Obesity is now presumed to be a disease, and as such it needs a consistent therapy. For many reasons, severely overweight or obese people usually do not manage to free themselves from the complex disease patterns ...more (in german)

RESEARCH APPROACHES: Obesity research – neglected for a long time – has become revitalized in recent years. National and international research alliances have been formed to work on urgent issues. ...more (in german)

FURTHER  INFORMATION: Patient organizations, research institutes,  reference literature  ...more (in german)

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