Metabolic Syndrom

The metabolic syndrome is sometimes also referred to as the insulin resistance syndrome or, very aptly, as metabolic-vascular syndrome. This relates to the joint occurrence of several symptoms or clinical pictures: excess weight – especially in the abdominal area – elevated fasting blood glucose and blood lipid levels as well as high blood pressure. This "deadly quartet", as the metabolic syndrome is often called, increases the risk of arteriosclerosis and other vascular diseases, diabetes and heart disease. For some time now, the term "deadly quintet" is also in use because scientists have now added another clinical picture: fatty liver. The significance of the metabolic syndrome has been investigated in more detail in recent years. It is considered the predominant risk factor for human health in the western world. Which symptoms in what  balance constitute a metabolic syndrome is controversially discussed at present.



THE LATEST FROM RESEARCH:  News, results from clinical studies and research labs, event announcements and  ...more (in german)

BASIC INFORMATION: The term "metabolic syndrome" stands for the simultaneous occurrence of several metabolically relevant peculiarities that can cause vascular calcification, cardiovascular disease and cognitive impairment. ...more (in german)

PREVALENCE: The prevalence of the metabolic syndrome increases significantly with age. This has been proven by numerous international studies, although their comparability is limited because of differing study designs. ...more (in german)

RISK FACTORS: The mix of high blood pressure and metabolic disorder develops – simply put – on the basis of a combination of genetic predisposition, lifestyle and eating habits that endanger health, as well as psychosocial conditions that are prone to cause disease ...more (in german)

DIAGNOSIS: To diagnose the metabolic syndrome, a medical history, laboratory samples as well as physical examinations such as blood pressure measurement and the determination of weight and waist circumference are necessary. ...more (in german)

THERAPY: Studies conducted in recent years have shown the importance of metabolic syndrome. It disturbs different hormonal and inflammation-relevant control systems. The health consequences can be serious. ...more (in german)

PREVENTION: Measures to prevent metabolic syndrome point  in the same direction as therapeutic measures. ...more (in german)

RESEARCH APPROACHES: In an ongoing epidemiological follow-up study, scientists at Helmholtz Zentrum München are searching for new parameters to identify  early stages of chronic metabolic diseases, including metabolic syndrome ...more (in german)

FURTHER INFORMATION: Publications, institutions, etc. ...more

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