Quality Management

All content undergoes a scientific quality assurance process before it is published on the website. The Helmholtz Diabetes Center and the German Center for Diabetes Research (DZD e.V.)  – as partners of the Diabetes Information Service Munich – are important sources that ensure scientific excellence. The close connection to these institutions enables up-to-date information transfer and short information channels from science to patients.

In addition, a panel of internal and external scientific advisors has been set up. It critically monitors the concept and selection of topics of the Diabetes Information Service Munich and checks the contents for their factual accuracy.


The Diabetes Information Service Munich checks all texts it publishes to see if there is a conflict of interest among its authors. A conflict of interest exists when an author maintains financial and personal relationships with for-profit institutions that are likely to influence the content of the texts provided to us. The information provided by the authors is for internal quality control purposes and will not be published.

Conflict of interest form (in German, 108 KB) 

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